A combination of healthy soils, sun, and rain creates the perfect environment for growing the Agave Lechugilla.


RAICILLA is made of 100% Agave Lechuguilla. No sugars or cane alcohol is added.


The Agave matures naturally in 8 years without irrigation or chemical fertilizers and is harvested by "Jimadores”.


It takes 15 pounds of Agave to produce 1 liter of RAICILLA.


Logo Conejo

In 2000, a group of 75 ranchers and distillers came together to form
the Mexican Council for the Promotion of Raicilla
(El Consejo Mexicano Promotor de la Raicilla).

The Council ensures organic practices, traditional production techniques
and careful control of quality and alcohol level.

Traditional • Handmade • 100% Pure