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PAGE IVE TUESDAY JUNE 25 1957 DAILY CmZEN BEAVER DAM WCONSSW Davis Gets Campaign Bus Plane Crashes Wealthy Parents Of flrst Negro Ask Uncensored Exchange Radio TV Broadcasts The State National Quard Is Inspected By Qen Wyman Mile 0 Dial Rambler Armistice Group THERESA Toastmasters Club I are planning a vacation Why Not Be Protected Bargain with our Vacation Trip Policy? or 3 days the premium is $100 NOTICE TO PRINTERS and we can prove it 5 ER REDRICK maybe four er OUSEHOLD INANCE unirrnz today in a against Suzy 123 MILITARY ATTACHE EXPELLED BY HUNGARY NICKELSDOR Austria Col Welwyn Dallam military attache in Budapest who was ex pelled by the Hungarian Communist government arrived at this Austrian border checkpoint today Mesquite trees of the American southwest can send roots 40 to 60 feet down to seek water About one quarter of United States families which have an Income of more than $7500 have more than one car propaganda State Department spokesman Un coin White said the United States has specific ideas on how to carry out the exchange program pre ferred to keep them secret until Russia agrees to the scheme are in a mythical combat situation to test the administrative and logis tical sections Regular Army troops and some of the guard men are acting in the capacity of aggressors In or der to make the training more rea listic and umpires are testing the divisional units on how well' they combat these aggressor forces' The enemy aggressors wear a different uniform and do their best to upset operations of the friendly forces AH the infantry regiments went to the field Monday on a two day bivouac the armistice agreement freezing the arms buildup The propaganda broadcasts by Red China and North Korea left no doubt as to the Reds intentions They planned to reject the Ameri can led decision to buildup a mas sive defense force in the Republic of Korea and they planned to ac cuse the United States of violating the armistice agreement moczy drew first round byre along with Louise Brough of Beverly Calif who was scheduled to play Mrs Mary Hawton of Australia to day in another second round match Miss Brough who has won four Wimbledon singles titles is seeded second In addition to a host of wom matches almost half of the first round matches tn the singles were washed out by rain and rescheduled for today The title chances In the singles suffered a stinging blow Monday when Hamilton Rich ardton of Westfield the No 1 player and seeded third in this tournament was eliminated by Luis Ayala of Chile 3 6 6 4 7 5 6 4 Modem machines can plant about one thousand seeding' trees in an hour It's HARTELDT JEWEL ERS for "heart felt" gifts ap the We do Park Avenue redrick Harold Lawrence Hansen 3203 Ryan Road South Milw Evelyn Schwantes Hustisford Wilbert John Riel Route 2 Wau pun Joyce Alice Yaggie Route 3 pun Hilmer Uttech 204 6th St Water town Avis Kuntz Juneau an an A Nebraska oil and man who wants his six to paid $13 8:15 am with English at 9:30 am July 14 has been set as the congre gational picnic On that day pastor Ernst Lehnlnger representing week It accused him of "collecting secret military Information" Dallam 38 San rancisco was accompanied by his wife "The Hungarian charges were rid iculous and completely Dal lam told newsmen "I have violated Hungarian laws I have stayed in Hungary for more than two years but I never misused my diplomatic Dallam interpreted his expulsion as of the campaign pf Hun garian Communist authorities to harrass the legation in Buda 1 United States Has Prodded Russia or Such An Agreement president to fill the urexplred term rancis Kempfer was named treas urer replacing Everman Both polntments were confirmed by dub Toastmasters also discussed inter club summer activity with other club in the area Committees were empowered to arrange for such a meeting In July or August Bob Schllcher presided at the meeting Ernest Strub conducted the eve program and introduced as speakers Jack Hayes John Birch Paul Drennan and Dr Keller Dick Siesen acted as evalumaster assisted by Herm Radue Bill Con nors rancis Kempfer and Ed Kam rath as evaluators Table topic discussion on current event affairs were led by Everman they have any hamburgers Hi tins exchanges The State Department said the move was prompted by the recent appearance of Soviet Cmmunist Party boss Nikita Khrushchev on an American TV program? A memorandum given the Soviet envoy propsed in prin ciple at an early date for the regu lar exchange of uncensored radio and television broadcasts" If Rus sia agrees actual mechanics would be worked out later by Lacey and Zaroubin The programming would be left up to the American radio and tele vision networks and the state run Soviet broadcasting system Exchange Ideas The memorandum said the alm of the proposed broadcasts "would be to permit freer exchange of In formation and ideas on important world the Lutheran Children's home will deliver the Dean Krenz who received his bachelor of electri cal engineering degree at Marquette University recently and was com missioned in the Naval Reserve left for San Diego to report for two years active On Wednesday the volunteer fire department was called to the Sauer Locker building to extinguish a small fire within the back of the place of business Winners at the band concert on Wednesday evening were Doc Zle mer Mary Schneider and Mrs Rhelnhold Musack Mrs Nick Schneider and Mrs Ralph Ruecter were the hostesses at a baby shower honoring Mrs Al Bodden Miss Helen eigner Is confined with ill ness following her return from the hospital at the home of her sister Mr and Mrs Kurtzman Mrs Jack Stenger of Aurora Hl and children are visiting a month at the Al Trauba home On ather's Day Mr and Mrs Lester Unglaub and Mr and Mrs Wm Ehlers visited with the Wm Jr family in Beaver Dam and enjoyed a delicious barbecue supper In the afternoon they witnessed the mar rlage of Phillip Huebner and Dolores Huck in St Lutheran church Beaver Dam Rev Klrst performed the ceremony Miss Huck was the teacher at the parochial i school there for the past several years where the children attended Mr Huebner will be or dained and installed as pastor In Zion and Emmanuel churches in Theresa on July Mr and Mrs Merril Dexter of ort Atkinson were callers at the home of Mrs Ed Olson Serving from 5:30 to 10:00 AMERICAN LEGION BUILDING Sponsored by the American Legien Auxiliary NATIONALISTS ALERTED IN EAR RED ATTACK TAIPEI Nationalist China alerted its offshore island fortresses today for a possible Communist Chi nese invasion following the heaviest Red artillery bombardment in near ly three years The defense ministry said "sev civilians had been killed and at least 20 others injured in the bombardment It was feared mlli Ask or Meeting With UN Com mand At Panmunjom Wednes day Rattle Sabre The Instant Taste is gone! shakes hands with i former congressman leave for tour Oconomowoc in an especially equipped bus The Beaver Dam Toastmasters Club accepted the resignation of Ray Langmack as i Ury casualties would run higher the administrative vice presi The vest pocket war between the dent at Monday meeting at Communists and the Nationalists the Hotel Rogers i flared anew Monday night when ollowing Langmack's resignation Red artillery on Amoy pounded the President Bernie Morris appointed Quemoy Island group with 9395 Everman administrative vice rounds Althea Gibson Top Seeded In Wo Di virion Draws Bye In irst Round PODO GOL BALLS long distance true rolling tough cover 3 for $169 at LANGMACK'S 106 107 109 110 111 Once there was a disbeliever a imm who didn't think electricity was a bargain He thought it cost too much He was sincere but he jvst didn't realize We tried to explain it this way US: "Sir you don't think electricity is a MAN: "Heck no I Why my electric bill is higher today than ever US: doubt that it is sir But how many appliances do you have today that you didn't have say 10 years ago?" MAN: Oh not very many five" US: "Slop and count a minute Bet got et least twice that" AGENCY Phone TU 7 2677 Dan redrick Associate CAMP McCOY Wis Gen Wyman commanding general of the Continental Army Command Inspected Wisconsin's 32nd Natio nal Guard infantry division Mon day at Its summer training encamp ment The division was engaged in its biggest field operation of the two week training period a field prob lem called Operation White Knight It's an elaborate command post ex ercise that put the division head quarters and all of its headquar ters troops into the field The units Notice is hereby given that bids will be re ceived at my office Court House Junean on or before 2:00 July 1 1957 for the printing and delivery of the ballots for the special primary election to be held July 30 1957 The right is reserved to reject any or all bids Specifications available at my office ARTHUR MITCHELL Dodge County Clerk MAN: no! zee a range freezer water heater uh dryer TV roaster frypan electric blanket and uh coffeemaker mixer razor furnace fan and motor soy that is a loll Plus all the others I've got US: "Yep! using lots more electricity but your average rate has actually gone down until now it's the lowest Arizona is known the Canyon WIMBLEDON England Althea Gibson of New York who hopes to become champion opens her bld for the women's singles title second round match Kormoczy of Hungary The lanky New Yorker is top seeded in the division and rates as an overwhelming 1 3 fav orite to walk off with the cham pionship In this of tennis However she can expect plenty of trouble from Mrs Kor moczy who is a seasoned internat ional player Both Mias Gibson and Mrs Kor I TOKYO real estate youngstere 85795 today to take them on a trip around the world WASHINGTON The United States has prodded Russia to agree to a regular exchange between the two nations of uncensored radio and television broadcasts Handed Diplomst The proposal was handed to So viet Ambassador Georgl Zarou MAN: bills are higher because using more US: "light but getting more for your money! using about times more elec tricity than you did 10 years ago yet in this seme period the average cost has dropped Deaths Bring To 23 The Number Of Recent Deaths In Rash Plane Accidents TOKYO The North Korean William Graham Wichita arrived 1 in Japan with his wife and six 1 youngsters last Saturday He said I he would climb Mt uji take his family cormorant fishing hunt tigers In India and In short plain Graham a partner in the Graham Mlchaelte drilling company In Wichi ta lives about 20 miles outside Wichita city limits HU home and 40 acres of land is equipped with a runway for his two Beechcraft planes The family also 'has a private lake for water skiing and fishing Graham paid Pan American Air ways a $1385795 check in Tokyo today in exchange for air tickets that will take his family to Hong Kong Bangkok India Europe any place else we decide to go" A spokesman for Pan American said he thinks the Grahams are the largest family group ever to fly on a commercial airline around the World Graham who was a graduate of Northwestern University In 1934 said he took his youngsters along on the trip because he and his wife "love to travel' and you cant do much' when you're old but sit in a rocking chair The Graham children are Becky 17 Connie 15 Margie 13 Teddy 11 Billy 8 and Jacky 6 Left June 1 They left Wichita on June 1 and do not Intend to return to the United States until September' wife Marjorie said that aside from a few major cities the plans are "wide "Well go anywhere and see any thing in an attempt to show our youngsters how the rest of the world lives We aren't much interested in tourist attractions as such We want our children to see Young Jack Graham was not so sure about the outside world When served with raw eggs and shiny fish yees for dinner he complained: Your independent Insurance Agents Communists Call Meet Of Korean MARRIAGE LICENSES Applications made to Arthur Mitchell Dodge County Clerk Also additional coverage up to $5000000 and 1 80 days at comparable rates Pays $500000 principal sum for lost of life plus $50000 injury expense Highway 151 near the overhead bridge PHONES: Scrap Iron Vard Ibrner 5 3912 Used Auto Parts TUrner 7 2031 BIRKHOLZ BROS USED AUTO and ARM MACHINERY PARTS and Chinese Communists observed! the seventh anniversary of the out' break of the Korean War today by summoning the Command to Panmunjom Wednesday and by rat tling the sabre from Pyongyang to Quemoy Attack Both Pyongyang and Pieping radio attacked the United States with angry blasts They accused it of trying to Increase war tensions in the ar East bragged of the Reds new armed strength and said In any future war the United States would be defeated The United States should member the lessons of its defeat" in the Korean War Pieping said At the same time Red China at tacked the Nationalist Chinese is land of Quemoy with the heaviest artillery barrage in years but there was no official comment in Taipei whether the Red attack was a pre lude to invasion Call Meeting The Communists called a meeting of the' Korean military armistice commision at Panmunjom Korea Wednesday afternoon to protest the Command decision last ri day to abrogate the portion of iJSlnstant olgers Coffee Copyright A Co 1957 Nebraska Oil And Real Estate Man Wants His ChHdren To Negro Net Star avored To Win Winbledon Title Glenn Davis George Johnson Chairman of the Cltlzens for Glenn donated by Waukesha County nelgh Davis Committee of Waukesha i bors for use during the campaign County as local backers watch the by the candidate and committee How Many Miles To The Gallon Are You Actually Getting Now You Con Know With This Detroit People the Victims Of a wuria ueveiupmenra private plane near the Ohio Michl AcUialiy( Ut oflcials have gan border The victims were Ralph worUng on the ldea for Dean agg 51 Detroit president of Unlted £tates Jg toe Kraft Welding Co and Lyle on agreement la in Hutton 40 one of his salesmen and on the program tQ de prive the Soviets of any opportunity The Ohio highway patrol said the jfor turnl lan c01d war vuv 66 make an emergency landing at Toledo National Airport The plane lost a wing while banking for a turn and it crashed in flames into a barn Earlier 14 persons were killed In the crash of a Western Airlines plane near Port Hardy A tailfin wedge left in position on takeoff was blamed for the disaster Sunday Also killed Sunday were three Illinois men whose plane crashed on a wooded farm lot in Kentucky Are you guosslng about your gas mileage? eeding a gas guzzler without knowing it? Burning money by the (Many owners of so called "economy are shocked to if find getting only 8 to 12 miles per gallon) The amaz ing Mile Dial tells instantly how many miles per gallon you are getting Compare your mileage with border to border only 10 a mile for regular gas by a 6 with overdrive Supply is limited so hurry in! AMERICAN MOTORS MEANS MORS OR AMERICANS See TV for fa fainfy owr ABC Ncteor Hurry! Hurry! Get Your REE Mile Dial Today! DODGE COUNTY NASH Inc 207 Center St Beaver Dam TUrner 5 4871 AMERICAN MOTORS PRODUCTS MADE IN WISCONSIN SCRAP IRON 25i22r DELIVERED IO OUR YARD IN bUUTH BEAVER DAM We Buy Sheet Iron Wire Tin Metals Rags and Batteries We buy all makes and models of cars so when in need of good used automobile parts contact our used autc parts yard located on By UNITED PRESS A veteran captain who turn ed his hand to flying and two De troit residents were killed In separate plane crashes Monday Their deaths brought to 23 the number of persons killed in a rash of airplane accidents during the past two days Seven other fliers were missing Authorities today sought possible survivors in the crash of two Navy twin engine attack planes which col lided and went down in the Atlantic near Norfolk Va The planes carried four crewmen The crash occurred Monday as the two AJ Savage attack bombers were returning to Norfolk Naval Air Base from a routine training flieht Wit nesses said they saw no parachutes Coast Guard Navy and civilian boats and helicopters and other planes joined In the search The names of the occupants were not Immediately released by the Navy ind No Trace In the Southwest about 25 planes engaged In an air search for a missing light plane carrying three bln by Ambassador William Lacey Texans The plane disappeared Sun special assitant to Secretary of State day enroute from Albuquerque I John oster Dulles for East West ji to fort wortn Tex The search planes from New Mexico and west Texas ranged across the missing probable line of flight Monday without turning up a trace of the craft Aboard the downed plane were Owen Curran Jr and Pete ry Jr both of ort Worth and John Wichita alls the pilot Killed when his plane crashed in the fog at Mitchell ield in Mil waukee Wis was Capt Magnus Johnson 60 a Great Lakes freighter captain for more than 30 years Detroit Man Killed Johnson had rented a light plane at Indiana Harbor Ind after hiship docked there He had planned on flying to Milwaukee to visit his wife at their home in suburban Shorewood Two Detroit men were killed in a fiery crash of their single engine Open riday nanintt until 9 00 126 ront Street 2nd loor Phone: TUrner 5 4404 183 matU to farmers and residents of nearby founO (Youngsters Taken On World Trip By tys ELECTRICITY IS YOUR BIGGESTKB BARGAIN! ICECREAM SOCIAL ri June 28 Medical expenses? Go to HC Need money for medical bills home and auto repair or to consolidate bills? You may borrow $20 up to $1500 from HC with the confi dence that you are dealing with oldest and largest consumer finance com pany One day take up to 24 months to repay Wisconsin ano Ligrfco9msMt The sermon at St Dallam was ordered to leave the i gtudent clOne Weigand Gennan country by the Kadar regime last Mrvlce held on Sunda 6t Who Says Electricity is a 1 i I I A 1 I (I A AST 1 Z7 1 oO a wi Jr A 1A igjjl 2 I fen I xl finery The Instant Taste Si is gone! frX olgery JSlnstant blgers i CopyfigM A I Co 1957.

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