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  • Jan 1, 2021
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qwerty3.14 said:

I'd suggest some changes (I've been slowly working on this comment as you updated your list, I was going to save it until you were done, but other people already started commenting.)

All the double jump bottles should be A tier and talk about them in the same paragraph similar to how Baconfry combined all the ore repeaters in their weapon tier list, they all are rng dependent to get and you could easily end up getting tsunami in a bottle first which happened to me on quite a few runs. The reason for A instead of S is because job isn't irreplaceable since there are so many other vertical movement accesories or you can use grappling hooks. I would prefer the bottles but I can live without them.

All the hermes boots like accesories should be combined, you don't need to say the same thing 4 times, just mention that the dunerider and sailfish boots unique attributes. I agree that they should all be S tier, the only other way to get this level of running speed is with an unreasonable amount of movement speed, that forces you to use a weak armor, reforge all your accesories to quick, and use buffs. One of these boots is needed to make the early game tolerable.
These don't change moveSpeed, they change accRunSpeed, the game will use whichever value is larger to detemine how fast you run which means these basicly make stuff like the aglet obsolete and anklet of the wind useless.

The shiny red balloon and balloon pufferfish should be combined, A is fair for them they improve all vertical movement and will in some form remain useful for the rest of pre hardmode.

aglet B->C the 5% movespeed is outclassed by hermes boots, but at least its better than an empty slot

climbing claws A->B yeah they're pretty useful... until you get a hook, they don't remain useful for long enough to justify and A, shoe spikes can stay at B, the rng can easily make you get shoe spikes before climbing claws.

step stool B->C the effect is almost useless it's literally just a worse version of the toolbelt since it can't be used to jump any higher, it will get replaced as soon as you have to start picking accesories, but I guess it's better than nothing

water walking boots A->C they are nice if you can get them early on but they are useless later into pre hardmode since thier effect can be replaced by a potion which doesn't use a slot
Innertube and flipper B->C they are arguably better than water walking boots since they allow you to actually swim in water, but still C tier.

Lucky horseshoe A->B there are a lot of other ways to deal with fall damage, double jump, hook, featherfall potion, carpet, water, clouds. Although it's a nice fail safe and its nice that you can just throw it on a ballon later

Lava charm A->D, just use obsidian skin potion

Anklet of the wind B->F I mean it can kind of get the same excuse as the aglet if you rush the jungle early on, but with the exception of the flower boots every other ivy chest item is WAY more useful.

Beezoar C->B, this thing is a life saver if you rush the jungle early on

Ancient Chisel B->S Like come on, once you get this thing you're using it for the rest of the game, sure it doesn't help mobility or combat but guess what? Combat and mobility accesories don't effect mining!

Fledgling Wings S->A a lot of its effects can be substituted by the featherfall potion, its not as badly hurt by potions as some other accesories but it's far from irreplaceable. They are also have terrible flight time without rocket boots

rocket boots S->B, rocket boots are slow on thier own, no one would use these if they didn't combine with already good boots.

Obsidian rose B->F, you actually have to be in hell to get this thing, by then you probably got a fireblossom and can make an obsidian skin potion rendering this thing redundent

Obsidian skull A->C, Just use an obsidian skin potion, now I guess since you don't have to go to hell for this it's better than the obsidian rose

Sharktooth necklace A->S, The best combat accesory pre hardmode, On most prehardmode weapons its comparable to an avenger emblem, however many rapid fire weapons gain huge bonuses from it and it remains useful in early hardmode with some weapons. It is a must have for summoners, but melee can skip it if they got a sharpening station.

Shackle F->C, it's better than a blank accesory slot

angler tackle bag B->S same reasoning as ancient chisel, if you have it your are going to use it for the rest of the game, it doesn't effect combat but combat accesories don't effect fishing.

White string should get an A, the yoyo range is nice
Counterweight should get an F, you have no control over it and your yoyo and it has to share iFrames with the yoyo itself. Don't buy this until hardmode so it can be used to combine the other two accesories.

Jellyfish necklace C->D, it doesn't even provide that much light and like every light source that isn't a torch works underwater, it was going to be F until I unironicly used it to farm squids while not having glowing mushrooms to make shine potions.

Diving helmet B->D It's useful for a few seconds if your lucky enough to get it.

Brain of confusion S->A People hype this up too much, its effectively just a worm scarf with two extremly irrelevent effects put on. The crit bonus doesn't last long and since you're usually trying to avoid attacks it won't be active very often, for example if you get hit every 7 seconds the crit bonus averages out to... 1%, and its og effect is arguably worse than useless. Hallowed and master ninja is irrelevent since the probabilites stack multiplicatively. Not saying its bad its just not any better than the worm scarf.

Lavaproof fishing Hook, There are 3 ways to do lava fishing hotline rod, lava bait, and the lavaproof fishing hook, if you only use 1 of these items you get a huge fishing penalty which means that you want to use lava bait AND this hook. Don't need to change the rating just adding important information

Flame walker shouldn't be ranked it's literally just a vanity item, I have no f*cking idea why it can be combined with lava waders.

Hive pack A->B, its completely outclassed by the shark tooth necklace, also how dare you not put it into B(ee) tier!

Honeycomb B->D, it's worse than the band of regen within those 5 seconds you heal... 6 health. After 6 seconds the band of regen has caught up and continues to heal you. Sure the extra life regen time can cause a butterfly effect improving your base healing rate, but doing the math you end up healing for a total of 25 health... after a full minute of not taking damage, versus the band's 60. Oh and forget the B(ee) tier joke, this thing doesn't deserve it!

Cobalt shield S->B, it's nice for WoF and skele prime(expert) but it really isn't useful for anything else. You can usually grapple or shield dash if you lose your momentum.

Nazar C->F, yeah cursed is annoying but literally only like 5 rare enemies inflict it, that's why the nazar is so hard to get. You'll probably end up getting cursed more times trying to obtain a nazar than you would actually prevent by using it.

Spectre and lightning boots aren't as good as amphibian but I guess they're alright if you hate fishing. Terraspark will usually require more fishing to get than you would by making amphibian boots so it gets an A.

Tiger climbing gear C->D the way you described it did not sound like a C tier accessory

mana regeneration band A->C, the mana regen is a joke, like almost half the regeneration from the band comes from the fact that it increases max mana since mana regen is based off max mana. If you're relying on mana regeneration you are going to be using the mana regen potion, which brings you from 0 to full mana in ~2.85 seconds, stacking the mana regen band on that lowers that to ~2.37-2.57 seconds (depending on if you have 200-400 max mana). The mana cuffs are arguably better since you can expect to get at least 400 mana before dieing which would prevent having to regenerate your mana a few times.

Diving gear and jellyfish diving gear C->F by the time you're combining accesories you should be able to make gills potions and flipper potions they are some of the cheapest potions in the game.

Obsidian water walking boots B->D just use the obsidian to make obsidian skin potions, water walking potions aren't hard to get either, at least you don't need to get an obsidian rose for this...

Obsidian horseshoe B->F literally the only time you 'need' the obsidian skull is to mine a meteorite, and fall damage isn't exactly something you're worried about there, and making this means you can't use the horseshoe to make a double jump balloon. You're only guaranteed 1 horseshoe before you end up having to go fishing for another one.

Lava waders S->F, ok... seriously? These things are pretty grindy to get and in the time you used to get them you could have made stacks of obsidian skin potions and water walking potions, and those are objectively better as obsidian skin allows you to stay in lava as long as you don't run out of potions, which can be several hours if you have a stack, as opposed to 7 seconds. And... they don't require an accesory slot.

Think it is a bit too quick on the trigger to call Lava Waders F tier. Especially if you give things like Diving Helmet the justice of being D tier. According to the key, F tier is pure, hot garbage that can’t be used for literally anything - and although there are some pretty horrendous accessories, I’d be hard pressed to call lava waders literally useless. Potions are only a temporary boost (grinding out stacks of water walking potions and obsidian skin potions can be inefficient, to say the least) and it’s not like they do absolutely nothing. I find that, if I get most of the materials, the lava walking and lava immunity is great for preparing Hell for the wall - usually a task that’s too long for potion buffs. Probably C or D tier according to the key.

Cobalt Shield is heavily dependent on playstyle. I myself find that, without it, getting knocked back by even later bosses cripples me by throwing off my movement and halting my momentum, and I can barely play without it. Other people go the entire game without even considering it. I’d call it A, probably.

Hive pack isn’t entirely outclassed by Shark Tooth Necklace. It does improve the ability of the bees against swarms of enemies and Shark Tooth is only a flat damage boost. But yeah, B tier is still probably fair.

Full Game Accessory Tier List (2024)
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