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  • Bartender and Dishwasher with Experience Needed $0 Upper East Side
  • Experienced Bartender Needed $0 manhattan
  • Bartending Position Available $0 East Village
  • Noor Staffing -FOH and BOH Positions Available APPLY HERE $0 Chinatown
  • Bar Director | Apt 5 | Now Hiring $0 Lower East Side
  • Server, Bartender and Host $0 Midtown West
  • Looking for Bartenders! $0 Midtown West
  • NYC Sports Bar - Multiple Locations Hiring Bartenders $0 Midtown
  • Bartender, Barrow's Pub $0 West Village
  • Tired Of Waiting Tables? Real Estate Is the Answer! $0 Midtown
  • Seeking Full Time Music Venue + Bar Manager $0 East Village
  • Bartender | Au Za'atar - Midtown East | Now Hiring $0 manhattan
  • Atmosfy Consultant - (Bartenders / Servers) - $50/hour - Remote $0 Upper East Side
  • Bartender - The Gutter LES $0 Lower East Side
  • The Half Pint is looking for a Bartender $0 Upper East Side
  • Night time Bartender $0 New York
  • General Manager Needed $0 East Village
  • Bussers/Runner and part time bartenders $0 Flatiron
  • Seeking FOH Staff $0 Midtown
  • La Noxe Seeks Dynamic Barback $0 Chelsea
  • Hiring FOH Positions (Servers/Bartenders/Barbacks/Bussers) $0 Midtown
  • Bartender $0 Midtown East
  • Bartender | Marsanne | Now Hiring $0 Chelsea
  • Stafili Wine Cafe seeking dishwashers $0 TriBeCa
  • Servers and Bartender for Time Square Restaurant and Bar $0 Midtown
  • Bartender - Lower East Side $0 Lower East Side
  • Gotham Comedy Club Seeking co*cktail Server $0 Chelsea
  • Good Waiter = Great Real Estate Agent!! $0 Midtown
  • Experienced Bartenders Needed $0 Chelsea
  • Bartender $0 Inwood / Wash Hts
  • Waitresses / Waiters / Catering Servers $0 New York
  • FOH STAFF NEEDED $0 New York
  • Atmosfy Consultant - (Bartenders / Servers) - $50/hour - Remote $0 Upper East Side
  • Servers Needed for Cool Harlem Venue $0 Harlem / Morningside
  • Bartender needed/ Health Insurance Offered $0 manhattan
  • $16-$24 PH Premium Bartenders / Bottlegirls / Servers Wanted $0 Battery Park
  • BARTENDER - DISHWASHER $0 manhattan
  • Bartender / Server Positions Available $0 Chinatown / Lit Italy
  • Bartender | Metropolis by Marcus Samuelsson | Now Hiring $0 manhattan
  • OPEN CALL for Bartenders, co*cktail Servers, Cooks, and Porters $0 Midtown
  • Server/ bus boy $0 Upper West Side
  • BARTENDER / SERVER - 5th Ave - NYC - $22-$36 PH $0 Battery Park
  • WANTED: Server and Bartender $0 Murray Hill
  • Hip, High Volume New American Rest. Sks Exp. Sous Chef, Bartender... $0 Financial District
  • Arva at Aman NY Open Call 6/26 - FOH Positions $0 New York
  • New Midtown West co*cktail Bar is Hiring Runners and Barbacks! $0 Midtown West
  • Broken Coconut at Equinox Hotel-Hiring Cooks, Bartender, Servers $0 Chelsea
  • Front of House Restaurant Staff @ Private Club $0 Midtown East
  • FLOOR MANAGER - Upscale Dining NYC $0 Manhattan
  • Bartender $0 Flatiron
  • Noor Staffing -FOH and BOH Positions Available APPLY HERE $0 Midtown East
  • Seeking Part-Time FOH Manager $0 West Village
  • ***HIRING SERVERS *** $0 Midtown West
  • Bartender, Waitress, Coat Check $0 Midtown
  • Join Our Team! Experienced Servers and Bartenders Wanted. $0 Midtown West
  • $16-$24 PH Nightclub Bartenders / Bottlegirls / Servers Wanted $0 Battery Park
  • Bartenders, Barbacks and Bussers needed $0 West Village
  • Bartender and Hostess $0 Upper East Side
  • Experienced Bartender required for Killarney Rose FiDi $0 Financial District
  • TriBeCa and Sports Bar Seeking Bartenders and Managers $0 TriBeCa
  • Full time server $0 Upper East Side
  • Busser | KABIN | Now Hiring $0 manhattan
  • Steakhouse Servers / Bartenders $0 Midtown
  • Servers - AGM - Bartender $0 Chelsea
  • Open House - Hiring: Bartenders and Bussers $0 Midtown
  • Bartender wanted for midtown east neighborhood bar $0 Midtown East
  • Server with Bartending experience wanted for Brewery $0 SoHo
  • WANTED: Server and Bartender $0 Murray Hill
  • Servers Needed for Established Italian Restaurant $0 SoHo
  • Female Bartenders/Performers $0 East Village
  • The Horny Ram is hiring a bartender $0 Midtown East
  • Bartenders Wanted $0 Midtown West
  • Seeking Server/Bartender at Cute Cozy Italian Restaurant $0 Lower East Side
  • Osteria La Baia $0 New York
  • Cool Club in Midtown is looking for you! $0 Midtown West
  • Baristas Wanted for Busy Midtown Restaurant $0 Midtown
  • Servers and Bartenders Apply $0 Flatiron
  • Head Bartender / Bartender $0 TriBeCa
  • American Fine Dining Seeks Servers $0 Midtown West
  • Seeking Part-Time FOH Manager $0 West Village
  • Il Totano Hiring all Front of House $0 West Village
  • Electric Shuffle Now Hiring FOH $0 Midtown
  • Bartender Position - Hanco*ck ST $0 Greenwich Village
  • New bar looking for bartenders/models! $0 Lower East Side
  • $16-$24 PH Nightclub Bartenders / Bottlegirls / Servers Wanted $0 manhattan
  • OPEN CALL for THE PORTRAIT BAR $0 manhattan
  • Il Totano Hiring Bartender with Fine Dining Experience $0 West Village
  • co*cktail Bartender $0 East Harlem
  • manhattan bartender jobs - craigslist (2024)


    How much does a high end bartender make in NYC? ›

    As of Jul 1, 2024, the average hourly pay for a High End Bartender in New York City is $17.21 an hour.

    Can you make a living as a bartender in NYC? ›

    Aside from the standard bar or restaurant, NYC is full of work venues for hungry bartenders. There are nightclubs, catering services, and restaurants. If you really want to get rich as a bartender in NYC, you certainly can. The amount of restaurants in NYC has been growing steadily for years.

    Where do the highest paid bartenders work? ›

    What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for High End Bartender Jobs
    CityAnnual SalaryWeekly Pay
    Antioch, CA$41,376$795
    Seattle, WA$41,177$791
    Santa Cruz, CA$40,058$770
    Redwood City, CA$40,053$770
    6 more rows

    How much tips do bartenders make in NYC? ›

    The average salary for a bartender in New York City, NY varies depending on the source and the factors considered. According to Indeed, as of December 23, 2023, the average hourly wage is $16.51, with bartenders typically receiving around $200 in tips per day.

    Can I make 100k as a bartender? ›

    While it might be challenging, it is not impossible for bartenders in high-end establishments or busy locations, with substantial tips, to earn $100k or more annually.

    Can you make 50k as a bartender? ›

    With tips, on average, bartenders earn $60,787.20 per year. Before tips, a bartender is looking at an average of $34,490 a year. Income for a tipped job, such as bartending, is separated into two categories: base pay (an hourly rate) and tipped pay.

    How hard is it to get hired as a bartender? ›

    TIP: it's highly unlikely a restaurant will hire you as a bartender without any previous experience. Instead, expect to start as a barback. A barback is basically the assistant bartender who helps refill inventory, clean the bar area, and support the wait staff.

    Which state pays bartenders the most? ›

    1. Hawaii. According to data from Zippa, Hawaii pays the highest average annual bartender salary at $36,832. Also, the lowest 10% of bartenders will still earn $30,000 in Hawaii while the top 10% can earn as much as $43,000.

    Do bartenders need a license NYC? ›

    So long as he or she is at least 18 years old, the state of New York does not require a bartender to be certified and have a bartending license. However, a certified bartender does have a leg-up on a non-certified bartender when it comes to competition.

    What are the top 3 industries that employ bartenders? ›

    Industry profile for Bartenders:
    IndustryEmployment (1)Percent of industry employment
    Restaurants and Other Eating Places319,8802.94
    Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages)182,10044.21
    Traveler Accommodation43,5302.35
    Civic and Social Organizations37,32011.28
    1 more row

    Do bartenders make more than waitresses? ›

    Additionally, a server has an average salary of $29,901, which is higher than the $26,362 average annual salary of a bartender. The top three skills for a bartender include wine, bartending and exceptional guest. The most important skills for a server are wine, customer service, and guest satisfaction.

    Which country pays bartenders the most? ›

    Which best country to work as Bartender offers the highest salary? Generally, first-world countries offer the highest salary. First-world countries are all great places to work as bartenders, but Australia is the number one country that earns the most when it comes to salaries.

    Is $5 a good tip at a bar? ›

    For co*cktails, which take more time and expertise to make, tip at least 18 to 20 percent of your bill. If you know you'll be ordering multiple drinks over the course of a night, tipping $5 on the initial drink and then $1 for each drink after can be a show of goodwill to the bartender.

    What is the hourly rate for bartending in NY? ›

    How much does a Bartender make in New York? As of Jul 1, 2024, the average hourly pay for a Bartender in New York is $15.83 an hour.

    How much do club bartenders make in NYC? ›

    How much does a Nightclub Bartender make in New York City, New York? As of Jun 27, 2024, the average hourly pay for a Nightclub Bartender in New York City is $16.54 an hour.

    How much do high end waiters make in NYC? ›

    However, for high-end servers, the average annual salary is $32,848 as reported by ZipRecruiter on December 20, 2023. For fine dining servers, the average hourly wage is approximately $20.95 according to Indeed data updated on December 20, 2023.

    What do you call a high end bartender? ›

    From this perspective, the term “mixologist” is more of an honorary title that is bestowed upon a particularly talented bartender who has demonstrated extraordinary skill, talent, and excellence in creating co*cktails. Some have even compared the term “mixologist” to a sort of Ph. D.

    What is the most money bartending? ›

    1. Hawaii. According to data from Zippa, Hawaii pays the highest average annual bartender salary at $36,832. Also, the lowest 10% of bartenders will still earn $30,000 in Hawaii while the top 10% can earn as much as $43,000.

    How much do bar backs make in NYC? ›

    As of Jun 28, 2024, the average hourly pay for a Barback in New York is $13.55 an hour.

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