[Top 6] Terraria Best Pre Hardmode Summon (And How To Get Them) (2024)

Terraria’s Summoner class is a complex and deep aspect of the game, which many players enjoy. Many argue that it is the hallmark of the game’s design. Naturally, the core of the Summoner class is its namesake: the summons. In Pre-Hardmode, you are rather limited on which summons you can access, but each one has its own set of pros and cons that make it distinct. So, we will be exploring the 6 best summons in this section of the game.

6. Ballista Rod

[Top 6] Terraria Best Pre Hardmode Summon (And How To Get Them) (1)

The powerful medieval siege weapon: the ballista.

Kicking off the list is one of the few sentry-type summons in Pre-Hardmode. Sentries remain stationary, firing at enemies within range, and are intended as supplements to your whips and minions. The Ballista Rod is the best of these in most situations.

The Ballista Rod has the highest base damage out of the Pre-Hardmode sentries, although it has a slow fire rate. Its high velocity projectiles make it more accurate than other sentries, which frequently miss their targets.

This sentry can be used in most situations, although it shines most against single targets. Its high base damage and high velocity allow it to deal large amounts of damage. You’d assume its piercing ability would make it good against crowds, but its small projectile size prevents it from excelling in this situation—although, it isn’t awful at it.

What Makes the Ballista Rod Great:

  • High base damage

  • Very accurate

  • Practical to use


  • 30 damage

  • 4.7 knockback

  • Can only be used after defeating Tier 1 of the Old One’s Army

How to Get It:

This weapon is only obtainable after defeating the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu. It can be bought from the Tavernkeep NPC for 5 Defender Medals, which can be obtained by fighting the Old One’s Army. In order to use it outside of this event, you must defeat all 5 waves of it.

5. Lightning Aura Rod

[Top 6] Terraria Best Pre Hardmode Summon (And How To Get Them) (2)

The source of the powerful lightning aura.

The other great sentry summon in Pre-Hardmode is the Lightning Aura Rod. It is different from other sentries, in that it does not fire at enemies. Instead, it functions like a trap, dealing consistent damage to enemies that enter the lightning aura it creates.

This weapon is far more niche than the Ballista Rod, but it is fantastic within its niche of crowd control. Theoretically, it can damage an infinite number of enemies, since an infinite number of enemies can go into it. On top of that, it ignores defense, so it will always deal a nice amount of damage, no matter how much defense the enemies have.

What Makes the Lightning Aura Rod Great:

  • Large area

  • Infinite damage potential

  • Ignores defense


  • 4 damage

  • Deals continuous damage

How to Get It:

The Lightning Aura Rod is obtained in the exact same way as the Ballista Rod. It can be bought from the Tavernkeep for 5 Defender Medals, and can only be used outside the Old One’s Army after clearing it.

4. Abigail's Flower

[Top 6] Terraria Best Pre Hardmode Summon (And How To Get Them) (3)

The menacing apparition: Abigail.

The first traditional minion summon we will be discussing is Abigail’s Flower. It summons a ghostly figure named Abigail, who grows stronger and faster the more minion slots she takes up, similar to other minions obtained much later in progression.

The major benefit to this minion is how easy she is to obtain. While she does move slowly early on, she does ample damage, higher than other options this early. If you correctly position yourself in relation to your enemies, they will remain relatively static, meaning she will not have to catch up to them. This will allow her to really shine.

Abigail attacks by shining light on enemies close to her, which deals area of effect (AoE) damage. This makes her a great option for crowd control. As long as the enemies aren’t moving too much faster than her, she will do great damage.

What Makes Abigail’s Flower Great:

  • AoE damage

  • Easy to obtain

  • Strong DPS


  • 6 summon damage to start, +3-4 per minion slot taken up

  • 10 velocity

  • 2 knockback

How to Get It:

Abigail’s Flower spawns randomly on grass, like other flowers do. The only caveat to Abigail’s Flower is that it only spawns near gravestones, which can make it trickier to obtain in Hardcore mode. Other than that, this weapon is not hard to obtain.

3. Imp Staff

[Top 6] Terraria Best Pre Hardmode Summon (And How To Get Them) (4)

The flame-casting imp.

The Imp Staff is one of the original Summoner weapons added around 1.2. It is the only one of those weapons in Pre-Hardmode that still holds up to this day.

This weapon is great at dealing consistent damage. The imps summoned slowly fire burning lasers at enemies that do high amounts of damage and set them on fire. Due to its precision, this is a great summon for consistent damage.

However, this weapon does have an unfortunate issue that keeps it from the top 2 spots. It is not as effective as other summons when used with whips, due to the slow fire rate. It is still a highly viable option, though, especially for players who veer more towards raw minion damage than whips.

What Makes the Imp Staff Great:

  • High damage output

  • Fire effect

  • High accuracy


  • 17 damage

  • 2 knockback

  • 10 velocity

How to Get It:

The Imp Staff can only be obtained after defeating the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu, due to requiring Hellstone Bars. Once you’ve defeated one of these bosses, though, you can mine Hellstone and Obsidian with your new pickaxe. You’ll need 17 bars to craft it at an Anvil.

2. Flinx Staff

[Top 6] Terraria Best Pre Hardmode Summon (And How To Get Them) (5)

The furious furball summoned by the Flinx Staff.

Despite often being the first summon players shoot for, the Flinx Staff is an absolutely amazing summon. It does great damage, especially when paired with any whip.

True to its name, the Flinx Staff summons a friendly Snow Flinx. This minion charges at enemies and deals contact damage, just like their enemy counterparts. It is quick, with its only caveat being that it cannot go through blocks, although this can be worked around.

What Makes the Flinx Staff Great:

  • Very easy to obtain

  • Can be used through all of Pre-Hardmode

  • High damage output, especially when used with whips


  • 8 damage

  • 2 knockback

  • 10 velocity

How to Get It:

This weapon can be crafted with 6 Flinx Fur, dropped by Snow Flinxes, and 10 Gold or Platinum Bars. It must be crafted at an Anvil.

1. Vampire Frog Staff

[Top 6] Terraria Best Pre Hardmode Summon (And How To Get Them) (6)

The aggressive amphibian bloodsucker: the Vampire Frog.

Clocking in at our top spot is a weapon that can do anything the Flinx Staff can do, but better. It is another minion that charges and deals contact damage.

The Vampire Frogs summoned by this weapon are just like Flinxes. The only real difference is that they do even more damage, which means they can benefit even more from whips.

The only actual advantage the Flinx Staff has over the Vampire Frog Staff is ease of acquisition. Although both can be obtained before killing a boss, the Vampire Frog Staff is only obtainable during a Blood Moon.

What Makes the Vampire Frog Staff Great:

  • High damage

  • High speed

  • Great longevity

  • Fantastic when paired with whips


  • 11 damage

  • 5 knockback

  • 10 velocity

How to Get It:

The Vampire Frog Staff is dropped by Wandering Eye Fish and Zombie Mermen at a 12.5% chance. These enemies are spawned by fishing during a Blood Moon.

[Top 6] Terraria Best Pre Hardmode Summon (And How To Get Them) (2024)
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