User manual Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR (English (2024)

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The Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR is a freestanding dishwasher equipped with convenient button controls and a built-in display. With a capacity of 14 place settings, it offers ample space for cleaning dishes and utensils.One notable feature of this dishwasher is its low noise level of 46 dB, which ensures a quiet operation. It offers five different washing programs, allowing users to choose the setting that best suits their needs. The drying class of the SMS58N46TR is rated as A, ensuring efficient and effective drying of dishes.Additionally, this dishwasher includes a delayed start timer, enabling users to schedule the start of their wash cycle for a more convenient time. It also features an AquaStop function, providing protection against water damage by automatically shutting off the water supply in case of a leak.To safeguard delicate glassware, the SMS58N46TR incorporates glass protection technology. It also boasts a washing class A rating, ensuring thorough and hygienic cleaning performance. Users can easily monitor the remaining time of the wash cycle with the included remaining time indication feature.Furthermore, the dishwasher includes a salt indicator, which notifies users when it is time to add more salt, ensuring optimal performance. Constructed with durable materials, the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR offers long-lasting reliability and durability.Overall, the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR is a feature-packed dishwasher that provides efficient and effective cleaning performance, while offering user-friendly controls and protection features to enhance the overall dishwashing experience.

ModelSilencePlus SMS58N46TR | SMS58N46TR
FiletypeUser manual (PDF)
Appliance placementFreestanding
Door colorBlack
Control typeButtons
Built-in displayYes
Baskets adjustable placementLower, Upper
Control panel colorBlack
Number of place settings14 place settings
Noise level46 dB
Number of washing programs5
Delayed start timerYes
AquaStop functionYes
Glass protectionYes
Dishwashing programsAuto, Eco, Intensive, Pre-wash, Quick
Cycle time195 min
Other features
Drying classA
Washing classA
Remaining time indicationYes
Salt indicatorYes
Dosage assistantYes
Automatic detergent detectionYes
Rinse aid indicatorYes
Energy consumption per cycle0.93 kWh
Water consumption per cycle9.5 L
AC input frequency50 - 60 Hz
Current10 A
Connected load2400 W
Weight & dimensions
Width600 mm
Depth600 mm
Height845 mm
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What do I do about a smelly dishwasher?

In the case of a smelly dishwasher, you can take the following steps: - Clean the filters - Clean the spray arms - Clean the door rubbers - Run a hot wash program - Run an empty machine with a dishwasher cleaner

Do you have to pre-rinse the dishes?

It is not recommended to rinse dirty dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. For the life cycle of the machine, it is better to put everything dirty in the dishwasher. The grease on the dirty dishes is the lubrication for the pump in the machine.

How much dishwashing detergent should I use?

The average amount used is about 25 grams of dishwashing detergent. It is recommended to follow the advice on the packaging.

How do I add softening salt to my dishwasher?

Each dishwasher has a separate compartment for softening salt. It opens when you turn the knob on the compartment. The softening salt can then be poured into the compartment by means of a funnel.

What is the height of the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR?

The Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR has a height of 845 mm.

What is the width of the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR?

The Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR has a width of 600 mm.

What is the depth of the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR?

The Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR has a depth of 600 mm.

Why is my dishwasher not starting?

Check if the dishwasher is properly plugged into a functioning power outlet. Additionally, ensure that the door is closed securely, as the dishwasher will not start if the door is not fully closed.

Why is my dishwasher not cleaning dishes properly?

First, make sure that you are loading the dishes correctly, allowing water to reach all surfaces. Additionally, check the spray arms for any blockages or clogs. You can remove them and rinse them thoroughly to ensure proper water flow. Finally, check if the water temperature is set to a suitable level for optimal cleaning performance.

Why is my dishwasher not draining?

Inspect the drain hose for any kinks or obstructions, as this may prevent proper drainage. Make sure the dishwasher's filter and the area around the drain pump are clean, as debris can hinder proper drainage. If necessary, clean the sump area of any food particles or residue.

Why is my dishwasher making loud noises during operation?

Check if any large utensils or dishes are obstructing the spray arms as they rotate. High noise levels may also indicate that the dishwasher is not leveled properly. Ensure that the dishwasher is installed on a flat and stable surface to minimize vibrations and noise.

Why is my dishwasher display showing an error code?

Error codes indicate specific issues with the dishwasher. Refer to the user manual to identify the meaning of the error code displayed. Common error codes include issues related to water supply, drainage, or malfunctioning components. Understanding the error code will assist in troubleshooting and resolving the problem.

Does the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR have a built-in display?

Yes, the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR has a built-in display. This allows the user to conveniently see and select various washing programs and settings.

How many place settings can the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR accommodate?

The Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR can accommodate 14 place settings. This means it has a high capacity and can handle larger loads of dishes.

What is the noise level of the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR?

The noise level of the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR is 46 dB. This is a relatively quiet dishwasher, making it suitable for use in open kitchen layouts or homes where noise is a concern.

Does the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR have a delayed start timer?

Yes, the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR has a delayed start timer. This feature allows the user to set the dishwasher to start at a more convenient or economical time, such as during off-peak hours or when they are away from home.

What is the energy efficiency class of the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR?

The energy efficiency class of the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR is A++. This means it is highly energy-efficient and will consume less electricity compared to lower-rated models, resulting in potential cost savings for the user.

Is the manual of the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR available in English?

Yes, the manual of the Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR is available in English .

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User manual Bosch SilencePlus SMS58N46TR (English (2024)
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