Raicilla is produced exclusively on small family-owned ranches in the state of Jalisco.


The Mexican government supports the regional effortsto establish a sustainable RAICILLA industry that benefits the local communities.


It takes 8 years for the Agave to mature requiring a long-term commitment from the communities to the RAICILLA production.


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HistoryRaicilla is a drink of pre-Hispanic origin, much appreciated by the ancient indigenous people of Mexico who claimed its consumption increased vitality, strength and health. These native people produced it by utilizing fermentation as a basis of the production process.

Upon their arrival, the Spanish who brought with them a new tradition of producing and consuming wine (among other drinks) introduced the process of distillation, which the native Mexican people adopted and perfected. This drink was originally called mezcal, a name which had to be changed to Raicilla in order to avoid prohibition by the Conquerors who tried to "clean up" some of the customs of the conquered natives.

This is why for more than five centuries Raicilla continued to be produced in the traditional methods and consumed according to the customs of the descendants of the people who passed on the recipe and the artisanal process from generation to generation. The original craft includes the use of wild agave plants, which are now cultivated for this purpose in some parts of the central and coastal areas of Jalisco, where the Sierra has a climate with all the necessary conditions for achieving excellent quality Raicilla. In only a few decades, production has begun to experience larger commercial sales volumes, while the traditional, all-natural process obtains a product with much higher quality and purity. It is now regulated by a Special Promotional Council, the CONSEJO MEXICANO PROMOTOR DEL RAICILLA.

HistoryRaicilla is a centuries old drink and its elaboration retains the traditional character and is the summation of the skillful hands of Mexican farmers who plant, cultivate, harvest, roast, crush and ferment the agave that produces the
agave-must which  they cook with great patience, over a slow fire, to produce a fine, aromatic steam. When the steam comes in contact with a copper cone cooled by fresh spring water, it condenses and, drop by drop falls into a slender mezcal sheath  (husk). The aromatic liquid is then received by a glass jug and is given a final purification step in this completely natural process. Extreme patience is required because it takes an average of eight years from the planting of the agave, to obtaining Raicilla, a process where mountain spring water and  a combination of the four all-natural elements that give rise to this nectar.

HistoryTo make a liter of our Raicilla  takes 10 kg.of agave angustifolia commonly known as "Chico Aguiar" or "Yellow", whose piñas weigh as much as 100 kgs., In other regions, the agave inaequidens (common names “Maximiliana” or “Lechugilla”)  is used to produce Raicilla with a different flavor. To this day, the traditional process for the preparation of Raicilla remains virtually intact and is the antecedent of the world famous tequila whose manufacturing process is very similar; the difference is that the latter is modernized and other types of agave are utilized in the processing.  However, it is safe to say that Raicilla can be considered the grandfather or the predecessor of Mexico's most famous drink.

HistoryFew places in the world enjoy a natural combination of elements and conditions that translate into places of extraordinary beauty and scenic value with a perfect climate for growing agave. Such is the origin of Raicilla,  Air, Earth, Sun, Sea and lush vegetation sum up and form the perfect cocktail for the production of this aromatic drink.

Without a doubt, the greatest wealth of this region that produces Raicilla is its people - people who have been cultivating the land with extreme affection and dedication from generation to generation. We have here a rich depository of varied cultural and artistic heritage which is presented as a mosaic of culture that visitors can enjoy and experience by sampling a "caballito” of Raicilla, sipping it alone or accompanied by lime and salt, sided by a traditional dish, highlighted by the cheerful notes of a good mariachi, or by an unequaled  Charrería show or a regional dance performance.

Raicilla, therefore, was born and matured in an extraordinary region where the beautiful blue-green agave landscape defines the Sierra. Thus it arrives at the taverns that produce this drink where it is served at the table and appreciated by the connoisseur.

Raicilla YO SOY MEXICANO is the result of many years of effort and passion to achieve a drink of excellent quality. With its color, aroma, bouquet, origin, and above all, its completely artisanal production process (in which its purity and inequitable quality is branded) we can honestly say that our Raicilla can be called the best Raicilla in the world, as expressed in our slogan.

HistoryRaicilla has received many awards and is currently emerging as a proudly Mexican drink with great tasting, body, color, and aroma, to satisfy the most demanding palates that know how to distinguish quality. According to Stephane Salmon (the manager of the Wine Cellar  "The Lair of Bacchus", a member of the Association of “ Sommeliers de Paris” and UDSF, “Baccotres International Institute of Bordeaux Wine”, “International Trade Union of Wine and Spirits”,  ISNAB BTS Technical-Commercial of Drinks, Wine and Spirits) notes, "In the land of tequila the Raicilla is the Queen."

“The white Raicilla differs from its counterparts primarily because of the fineness of volatile alcohol, thanks to the openness of its aromas: fresh herbs, ginger and fresh-cut agave.

“In the mouth, the alcohol is less aggressive than the classic tequilas, yet the impact is potent, free, and gives way to the flavors while dominated by a smoky note. And the end is fresh, not bitter, while the aftertaste is persistent and pleasant. Served with fruit juice, it does not alter the flavor of the juice. The combination does not let the impact of alcohol appear. On the contrary: it accompanies the fruit flavors and adds to the drink.” Paris,France April 7, 2010

HistoryRaicilla, is undoubtedly Mexican, and is similar to its fellow countryman tequila, because it is produced by using raw materials like the agave (Greek for “noble” or “admirable”) and is the plant from which the juices are extracted and is the origin of Raicilla. Currently, more than 200 species are known, of which over half are considered endemic to Mexico.

Agave Angustifolia or commonly known as "Chico Aguiar", or "Yellow" and the Agave Inaequidens (“Maximiliana” or "Lechugilla") are mostly used in the production of two types of Raicilla and are cultivated in the coastal and western Sierra of Jalisco, the lush and privileged region of the world that unites all the necessary conditions for the cultivation of this noble plant.
The “raicillera” region of Jalisco includes several towns nestled throughout the coastal band and the Western Sierra, including the municipalities of Puerto Vallarta, La Huerta, Mascota, Talpa, Atenguillo, Ayutla, Cuautla, Guachinango Miztlán, Chiquilistlán, El Tuito, Cabo Corrientes, San Sebastian del Oeste and Tomatlán, among others.

HistoryFew drinks in the world are as versatile as Raicilla. The nobility of its origin is manifested in many ways and can be enjoyed as a drink and even as an ingredient in various dishes and desserts in Mexican cuisine. In fact, sipped alone, accompanied or mixed, its mild flavor and aroma satisfies the most demanding palate.

In Mexico it is customary to mix it in many ways. One of the most traditional ways to prepare it is in a terra cotta cup with ice, one or two measures of Raicilla, grapefruit juice, or orange juice, lime juice and grapefruit soda. Mix and coat the rim of the cup with a little salt. It is usually sipped through a straw, for example, and would be accompanied by a meal, or alone to refresh the palate and quench the thirst.  It is also used to make delicious sweets, treats and sherbets.

Soon on this website we will be adding some of the most common recipes that use this traditional Mexican drink.

HistoryMezcal for the good times, and for the bad times, Mezcal too… In sickness and in health Mezcal is of equal wealth
For every heartache Mezcal, and for every celabration too! For the bad times, Mezcal, for the good times Mezcal as well.

"The maguey  (generic term for agave) was used by Mexicans to make food, drinks, clothing and writing materials. Surely, nature has never made a plant that satisfied the demands of necessity, community and civilization. “
-W.K. Prescott, History of the Conquest of Mexico, 1843.

In the sixteenth century, Fray Motolinia, gave an account of a drink of substance and health called mezcalli . Since colonial times Raicilla has occupied a privileged place on the table of Mexicans. In many cases it was used as a preferred remedy to relieve the discomfort of colds and the flu, and to relax the farmer after his daily toil. In Mexico it is customary to drink Raicilla, some like it straight, some like it accompanied or mixed. Good Raicilla is like the noble agave: it is extremely versatile.

  • Raicilla YO SOY MEXICANO is for sale in the following versions:
    BLANCO PLATA (SILVER WHITE): Basic, smooth and clear. It has a lower alcohol content and is especially good for mixing.
  • BLANCO DIAMANTE (WHITE DIAMOND): The traditional white, brilliant, with extraordinary transparency and purity, to be taken straight or mixed.
  • ORO REPOSADO (AGED GOLD): The original reposado that combines the taste and aroma of our great Raicilla with the essence of the white oak barrels where it has been aged for several months.
  • ORO AÑEJO (DOUBLE AGED GOLD): Time makes a difference: its exquisite flavor, bouquet and aroma satisfy the most demanding palates.
  • RESERVA SUPREMA (SUPREME RESERVE): Its name says it all. The excellence in quality and aging in luxury packaging makes this the perfect gift for the connoisseur.

HistoryIn order to show visitors the production process of the best Raicilla in the world and to promote the cultural and tourist attractions in the region where it occurs,
Raicilla YO SOY MEXICANO has opened a tavern where, besides witnessing how the drink is made, visitors can also taste it. This tavern receives groups of visitors all day (by appointment) and is located within a 5 minutes drive from the Tenacatita Beach,  one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, located 40  minutes from San Patricio  - Melaque  on Federal Highway 200,  in the corporative limits of the Municipality of La Huerta, Jalisco.

On the beautiful beach of Tenacatita, we have opened a  restaurant where you can spend an unforgettable day enjoying a variety of delicious dishes from our signature  proud Mexican cuisine, accompanied, of course, by your choice of Raicilla.  Additionally, the list of amenities includes an exciting boat ride through the mangroves providing visitors with the perfect setting for a memorable trip ...  to surrender oneself to the subtle indulgence of the senses ...

HistoryRAICILLA: a distilled drink similar to tequila, currently certified by the Consejo Mexicano Promotor del Raicilla.

LA LECHUGILLA: the raw material from agave used in production of Raicilla and is also a popular fermented drink of the same name.

JIMAR: To cut the leaves of the agave and harvest the “piña” (pineapple) that is the exposed root of the plant.

TATEMAR: To cook slowly in a stone oven.

MAGUEY:  Is the generic term for agave, a rosette type plant of fleshy leaves

MOSTO:  Agave juices or must


SIERRA:  Mountains



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